Question Paper Management

A question paper setting solution that is easy, effective and saves time!

Recent advancements in the education system require an effective method to prepare our students for the competitive exams in addition to the board exams.This is achieved byundertaking term tests, unit tests, revision exams, quarterly, half yearly, annual exams, coaching for entrance exams etc. Given the vast number of exams over the academic year, there are specific challenges for teachers and institutes when they proceed conventionally.

  • A lot of time is consumed in manual question paper setting and it is a tedious process.
  • The specific portion requirement for each exam is different and a question paper has to be formulated accordingly.
  • There is a possibility of questions being repeated or even minor errors happening frequently
  • Mark distribution and weightage varies from exam to exam.

Teachers play multi-faceted roles and framing effective question papers is one amongst them. The real competence of students and their subjective understanding can only be gauged by a suitable question paper.How can this task be made more efficient and accountable?

This is where Smart Genie Solution’s Question Paper Management System comes in.

Basic Working

With an extensive database and an intelligent algorithm powering our software, we help teachers set question papers according to their requirements. Our dynamic system ensures that different sets of papers with answer keys can be prepared, whilst the mark distribution across the entire question paper finally sums to the set value. Since different question papers with various difficulty levels can be set, students with different learning and testing needs right from slow learners to top rankers can be trained accordingly.

Portions can be state board or matriculation and the database is populated with questions from every possible source including, but not limited to

  • Book exercises
  • Previous year question papers and board examinations
  • Syllabus based objective and subjective questions.
  • PTA Guide

Thus students in the 10th, 11th and 12th classes can be trained even better so that they get to score the best marks in public exams. Our Question paper management system will also be useful for coaching centres and individual teachers.

Benefits of the system

    • Extremely flexible system that generate question papers either automatically or with manual inputs.
    • Dynamic system with ability to prepare multiple question paper and answer key sets.
    • Saves time and avoids manual errors in question paper setting process.
    • Various difficulty levers (easy, moderate and difficult) can be set.
    • User friendly.

Packages starts from INR 999/subject. For detailed quote or demo, please reach out to us.

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