Student Tracking System

Trusted solution for child safety guaranteeing ‘absolute’ peace of mind for parents

Safety of children is a paramount concern, given the circumstances of today, and it has become a social responsibility to monitor the movement of children to and from the school. In most cases, students are not dropped or picked up from school by their parents and students may come to school by public transport, private vans, cabs etc.

The parents are concerned if their child has reached school safely on time. The school management faces a tough task in practically recording the time at which each student enters or leaves the school. At the same time, communicating the message to parents on a real time basis is extremely difficult.

So how can a design a win–win solution? How can parents have confirmation that their children have entered or exited the school premises? How can the idea of accountability and safety of children be transparently, ethically and diligently implemented?

Voila, Smart Genie Solution’s RFID based Student Tracking System is the solution.

Basic Working

The system works by combining the power of cloud computing with RFID (Radio-on Frequency Identification) technology. Every student is given an IDcard with an embedded RFID chip. Once they enter the zone within the school premises, their presence is registered in the system as attendance and an automatic SMS sent with precise details to the parents. A similar process happens when the students exit the premises. Thus the entry and exit from the school is precisely recorded. This means that child safety is ensured as parents are aware of the whereabouts of their children.

For schools, our system provides an opportunity to show their extra commitment to child safety, demonstrate extra care and fulfill the parental concern of being updated on a daily basis about the location of their children. This measure will also improve the goodwill with parents and lead to an enhanced reputation for the school in educational market.

Benefits for parents and school management

    • Innovative method for school management to demonstrate compliance to child-safety requirements.
    • Complete peace of mind to parents as children entry and exit from the premises is confirmed.
    • Reliable and precise technology that is economical and easy to implement.
    • Saves time as there is no need for manual attendance marking.
    • Automatic SMS generation both during entry and exit.
    • No heavy wiring or damage to walls and premises.
    • Low maintenance cost.

Subscription packages starts from INR 15/Student/Month. For detailed quote or demo, Please contact us.

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